Claudia Conradi

Herrenbergstrasse 1
8006 Zürich
Mobile +41 (78) 875 35 25

Clients appreciate my strong determination. Their feedback shows that they gain positive insights pragmatically. Space fosters the chance to grow.

Manuela Rhea Meyer

Allmendgasse 5
4303 Kaiseraugst
Mobile +41 (79) 484 95 35

My strength is positively exploring new potential and pathways with clients, who come to realize that they have choices. Theirs is the promise of a new orientation.

Patricia Renate Mösch

Schlachtstrasse 1
6204 Sempach
Mobile +41 (78) 607 37 30

Clients surprise themselves by accessing other points of view, and newly inspired, find that a concrete result ensues: living to the hilt.

Sara Sylvia Wyttenbach

Waldheimstrasse 9
3604 Thun
Mobile +41 (79) 229 36 77

Clients find that their true potential is inherently theirs. They touch the very core of their being. Simply Fascinating.